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How to manually enter reviews into Fera.

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You can manually enter your reviews into Fera if you can't import them automatically or have received the reviews in some other way.

To manually add existing reviews into Fera do the following

  1. Go to the Content section in the left-hand menu.

  2. Select Reviews.

  3. Click the "Add" button.

  4. Select Write Manually.

5. Choose to manually add a Product Review or Store Review.

6. Fill in all the relevant information under the Content and Customer tabs.

7. Click Save.

How to verify reviews entered manually

Reviews entered manually are not automatically verified by Fera.

This means they won't get the "verified by Fera" icon on them when they appear to new shoppers on your in-store widgets.

The reason we don't verify them automatically is because we don't know for sure that the person who said those things in your review is a real customer.

Got proof? Great!

You can request a manual verification from our team through the live chat by providing proof in some way of the customer writing that review (like emails, text messages, etc).

⚠️ Warning: Even though we give you the control to modify review content, it is against our terms of service to create reviews that are fake or misleading.

💡 Tip: If you don't have any customers yet you should ask friends and family to give your store a shot!

Use Fera's one-time request system to request reviews from your existing customers.

You can also learn how to get reviews and testimonials in this helpful blog post.

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